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Have you ever wanted your child to simply LISTEN a little better? 

Do you feel like if they could just FOCUS a bit more, they could improve at school and maybe even at home?

Are you ever concerned about the rising incidents of BULLYING and VIOLENCE towards young people our community?

And finally, would you like help in developing two of the top factors, CONFIDENCE & SELF-DISCIPLINE, that determine a child's long-term success and leadership potential?
If you answered YES to any of the questions above...

It means you are one of the smart parents looking to give your child an ADVANTAGE!  

And the great news is that we have programs to accomplish those goals & more!

Best of all, 
YOU can claim a 
right now!

Just read through this page to find out more! 

Lincoln NE
We offer lessons for 
Ages 4 & Up!
Tiger Cubs (4-6)
Juniors (7-11)
Teens (12-15)
Adults (16+)

180th & W. Center
*Also in Lincoln!
One of the most common questions we get from parents, just like you, is....."Why Martial Arts?"

While there are many great "activities" for kids these days, Tiger Rock Martial Arts is about MORE than just keeping your child busy.  

Listening Skills, Focus, Confidence, Anti-Bullying, Self-Discipline, etc. aren't just potential secondary benefits of what we do.....this is EXACTLY what we teach, combined with a FUN and SAFE atmosphere as we lead your child through our program!

Having goals is not enough -- having a SYSTEM to accomplish them is what matters most.  What that really means is that we follow our nationally developed "RISE 15" program that is designed to take a student through each of the steps of TRANSFORMATION to accomplish the goals you have set for them.  And what that means to you, is that you can trust our Certified Instructors to deliver RESULTS in a POSITIVE atmosphere specifically designed to recognize and encourage individual achievement and development along their journey!

Which of the following would be your top priority for your child?

Focus, Listening Skills, Confidence, Leadership Skills, Anti-Bullying, Health & Fitness, Self-Defense, Fun, Reduced Fear of Failure, Self-Discipline, Perseverance, Self-Control, Courage, Personal Development, Athletic Cross Training 

Whatever your top priority is, we can help! 

And, those are just a few of the areas we work on...So what's next?

When you simply click the button below...

The FIRST 25 to Respond will get more info about our Special Offer to try our program AND be entered to Win a FREE Spa Day or Massage for Mom or Dad!!!  (because we know moms and dads matter too!)

AND you can read more about our Rise15 Program below!

Tiger Rock Martial Arts has been serving the families of Nebraska for over 23 years!

Partners with Future Leader Impact, 501(c)3

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