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AND....  Find out exactly why so many families in Lincoln, just like yours, turn to Tiger Rock and our curriculum that's been proven through University Studies!

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Tiger Rock Academy
New Student Enrollment Night & Open House

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Tuesday, October 9th 6:00pm
at 16th & Yankee Hill
Wednesday, October 10th 6:00pm
at 84th & Old Cheney

Lessons are available at TWO locations in Lincoln!
-84th & Old Cheney
-16th & Yankee Hill
 (Our students are welcome to attend both locations so it does not matter which New Student Night You Attend)
Learn These Important Halloween Safety Tips AND More!!
Have you ever wanted your child to simply LISTEN a little better? 

Do you feel like if they could just FOCUS a bit more, 
they could improve at school and maybe even at home?

Are you ever concerned about the rising incidents of 
towards young people in our community?

And finally, would you like help developing 2 top factors,
which determine a child's long-term success & leadership potential?

We know that it's hard to commit to anything before trying it out....and just watching doesn't even come close.  

So to make it easy, we offer a no-brainer FREE trial lesson! 

This lets you check out the program and allows our Certified Instructors and staff to evaluate your child to determine if you would be a good fit for our academy.  This is based on attitude, goals, and more.  

We generally accept about 75-80% of those who apply to our Academy, and this is one more way of ensuring the right training environment for those who are a part of our Tiger Rock family. 
We offer lessons for 
Ages 4 & Up!
Tiger Cubs (4-6)
Juniors (7-11)
Teens (12-15)
Adults (16+)

84th & Old Cheney 
16th & Yankee Hill 
*Also in Omaha!
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Here's What a Few Others Are Saying About Our Program

So much more than just a sport!

Tiger Rock is so much more than just a sport. Although the athletic component is important, the additional benefits have helped my kids excel in all areas of life. Ben exhibits confidence, integrity, honor and is a role model to younger kids.  Jack and Emily are excellent students in school, and they practice the values they learn even outside the academy . The self-discipline they have each developed over the years through Tiger Rock, has helped make them the amazing individuals they are today. 
--Pam Bell

Surround your kids with the right people and the right environment!

We enrolled our son at Tiger Rock Academy because we wanted to make sure that he grew up to be confident in himself, and we wanted to reinforce the leadership, values and work ethic we expect of him.  Through training at Tiger Rock, his grades continued to improve and he didn't just get more friends....he got great friends (and the right kind!).  And the thing I love the most is how respectful he is to his mom and dad and others in our family. Our son has turned into a leader by being in the right environment to help us make it happen!  
--Lori Botz

Transformation is a major difference!

Unlike many of the personal trainers I previously met that list and brag about their own personal records, the instructors at Tiger Rock teach humility by example. Their concern and focus is on the students and families like mine.  

I found that conditioning, stretching, and strength training were a part of every lesson and I've continued to improve each week to the point I can now keep up with students half my age!  

In the first 9 months of lessons, I lost over 15 pounds and more importantly, I’ve kept it off and continued to get in even better shape!  Today I continue to get great comments on my transformation from my instructors, fellow students, coworkers and best of all….from my wife.  
--Jeff Hill

A Common Question Is: "Why Martial Arts?"

If you have goals for your child, imagine if one or more of the following could help as a part of those goals....

1) Focus:
With all of the distractions children face today learning the simple art of focus is often missed. Tiger Rock Martial Arts incorporates lessons on how to focus our eyes, minds and bodies to get the most out of each activity. Learning this skill will benefit kids throughout their lives in school, at home and later on in their careers.

2) Health and Fitness:
With the ever increasing levels of obesity in children that may result in lifelong health issues, teaching our children to stay active is crucial. Habits of physical fitness and teaching the importance of taking care of our bodies is a gift that will give back throughout their lives. One of the best aspects in martial arts is that everyone participates. You don’t have to be a star athlete to benefit from the physical and mental benefits. 

3) Reduced Fear of Failure & Increased Confidence: 
Part of life is learning how to handle situations that are difficult or that we would rather avoid. Learning how to get back up and try again will help your child handle real life situations with perseverance, humility and grit.  

4) Anti-Bullying Skills:
Bullying is one of the major challenges that our children face today. Tiger Rock Martial Arts can help to bully-proof your child through increased self-confidence, teaching leadership skills, and instilling positive values such as courage, humility and honor. Kids that are involved in our programs develop the skills to make them less likely to become victims of bullying AND they also are less likely to bully others.

5) Stranger Awareness & Self-Defense Skills
Children cannot stand toe to toe and fight with an adult and the idea of some movies implying that they can is irresponsible. The good news is that they don't have to stand and fight with a potential attacker or someone trying to take them. With the right skills and mindset, we teach kids how to escape and get to someone or somewhere safe. On top of this we teach awareness skills that can keep them out of danger in the first place. As you may know we have had incidents recently even including Clowns and the idiots trying to use this as a way to scare even more people. Some of the threats or pranks are done in very poor taste but all of them should be regarded with the proper caution. Thankfully our local schools have taken additional measures, as have the area law enforcement. And regardless of the "face" or look that it takes -- there are real and dangerous threats to kids and we take it as a serious responsibility to help families learn the skills to stay safe. We have been proud to serve as consultants and training partners for a variety of public and private institutions when it comes to these matters and though we hope that you never have to use these skills, we also know that it is not worth the risk or the gamble to try and ignore threats to our any family's safety.  

Beyond the stranger drills and skills we also teach very practical self-defense skills for when it goes beyond bullying and turns into assault. Some parents over the years have asked us "if my kid learns to fight, won't that increase the chances of him getting in fights"....and this is a good question to ask. Thankfully the way our program is taught, kids have been shown to be LESS likely to be involved in a physical altercation because they have the skills to try and avoid it in the first place AND the CONFIDENCE to just walk away vs. staying and engaging unless it is absolutely necessary as a last resort -- and at that point (which is thankfully rare), THEIR safety needs to be the priority.

And those are just a few of the areas we can help what's next?

We are confident that your child can benefit from Tiger Rock Academy’s martial arts program and we have made it easy to get started for anyone who is even remotely serious about getting results.

So, get in soon before we have to start a waiting list again!  

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